Cost Effective

Cost effectiveness

The absence of expensive consumables, including special electrodes and gas bottles with propane, acetylene or oxygen, allows for significant savings. There is no need for costly and bulky additional equipment such as compressors, transformers and pressure regulators. The operational process has become more effective and less expensive.

Multiplaz's Design allows for a 100% duty cycle, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The heavy duty design of cathodes and nozzles makes it possible to use them for up to 10 hours before replacing. This is much longer than in regular air-plasma or gas cutters. See Specifications

The Multiplaz 3500 uses ordinary water from any plumbing source, well or reservoir for its operation. Multiplaz uses the simplest alcohol solution for welding. It keeps the operational process cost down. For a whole day of welding, Multiplaz 3500 will consume just two cups of alcohol.

The users of Multiplaz don’t have to be concerned with health issues as the ecologically clean technology keeps them safe. See Eco-friendly

The Multiplaz 3500 uses 230/115 V residential power and does not require an industrial power supply. Its power consumption is similar to home electric appliances. Operational efficiency is a great advantage of this unit. Despite its low power consumption, Multiplaz 3500 can concentrate the plasma stream into a small diameter jet like a laser. This feature allows you to melt even thick 12 inch (300 mm) metal to the depth of up to 7/16 inch (10 mm), weld thin plates of 1/64 inch (0.5 mm) to thick ones, surfacing metal on bulk parts and solder tool steels.

You can use the narrow soft jets at minimum settings for soldering small-size or thin parts. At increased voltage and current, the jet becomes powerful and broad which is effective for welding or heating.

Two torches are included with the Multiplaz 3500 allowing you to easily switch modes between cutting and welding or vice versa.