Eco Friendly

Ecologically friendly operation

The pride of our company is the ecological purity of the operational process. This was unachievable in heat treatment before the Multiplaz. The Multiplaz R&D engineers of have reached an ecological breakthrough for welding, cutting and soldering.

The use of ordinary tap water as a basic process fluid, as well as the design of the torch that produces plasma out of water vapor, have made welding and plasma cutting a safe process. Heat treatment has become significantly safer with the elimination of combustion and combustion byproducts.

The vapor shield that surrounds the plasma jet protects the cut or the welding puddle from the air, meaning hazardous pollutants, including nitrogen oxide, are not an issue. This vapor shield covers the whole domain under the heat treatment and also becomes a barrier for the dangerous dust that can arise from the processing surface of metal.

This vapor shield traps and settles all particles, eliminating any exposure to the operator’s respiratory system. The shield condenses, dilutes and stops the emission of complex chemical compounds from the heat treatment domain.

The purity of air during operation is the reason for its frequent use in poorly ventilated areas - underground utility lines, wells, closed spaces, vaults, garages, submarines, etc.

The Multiplaz 3500 has very low operating noise. Quiet operation has been a welcome surprise for many plasma cutting experts.