Portability, simplicity and reliability

Multiplaz 3500 is a compact system that you can put in a tool bag and carry it anywhere. This unit’s weight and size make it the best in its class. See Specifications

The simplicity of using the Multiplaz 3500 lets beginners master the skill of plasma welding, cutting and soldering quickly and easily. After just a few minutes of working with Multiplaz, experts realize the value and uniqueness of this tool.

The Multiplaz 3500 opperates without a bulky compressor. It is easily transported to do precision work in any location. See Cost Effective

When you use Multiplaz 3500, welding and cutting does not require a dangerous gas bottles, special welding station that is typically necessary with other equipment. When you use Multiplaz 3500 for arc welding, it does not require the typical three-phase electrical connection other welders need. Residential power outlets (230/115V) are all that is required.